Uninstall Avast’s Man in the Middle Antivirus Now. Get rid of them.

First of all, They are selling and sharing your data, it’s a free antivirus for a reason. Avast’s web shield is putting certificates in front of all https traffic, and most likely selling your private data. This poor woman’s facebook account was hacked and spammed, and instead of connecting to Facebook with https securely, she was instead connected to Avast insecure certificate, which is completely wrong, and no one should trust Avast to protect their HTTPS data. Many Antivirus companies are known to do this to protect from malicious HTTPS traffic, however if this is your system and you are not on your employers computers, do not trust an antivirus company to run man in the middles and intercept your connections to HTTPS websites. Just Say No to HTTPS interception.
Get rid of Avast too, they suck, I have cleaned numerous infected PCs with Avast sitting on them, doing nothing. UNINSTALL AVAST NOW.
sorry, you do not want to let antivirus vendors inspect HTTPS traffic.

If you want to start earning bitcoin without buying any, faster than mining… try these faucets…

Bitcoin Faucets are the main way to earn bitcoins without spending any money, and while you can start with small amounts like 15 -20 cents worth of bitcoin a day, once you share your referral codes and other people use them, it will be possible to earn more and more. These sites actually pay you in Satoshis, which are small amounts of bitcoin, and they usually pay you after you earn a certain amount. The best way to use faucets is by using faucetbox, which means you are going to want to use the same wallet until you get paid. Faucetbox.com does not ask you to sign up, you just need to use the same wallet number on all the faucets that are set up to pay out to faucetbox, then faucetbox will pay you after you earn at least .00013000 , which is not much. You can also set your payout amount on the faucetbox website, but if you don’t cryptographically sign it, anyone can change this so you need to check it. It is not hard to sign your wallet, and if you use coinbase there is an easy way posted on the help site.  If you don’t have a wallet yet, get one at coinbase.com 

You will need your wallet code to get paid, and coinbase will change your wallet after every transaction to keep it secure.  you can use old wallet codes anytime and will still get paid, but coinbase recommends to use new ones, however with faucets, you should use the same wallet to accumulate enough bitcoin satoshis to get paid.

Here’s some links to some faucets that are working on July 27,2016 so go earn some bitcoins! There are also several Android Apps that offer faucets as well, I will be posting about those next.






Mark Russonovich has updated 40 Sysinternals tools for Nano Server.

Windows Sysinternals

sysinternals logo

There are 40 of the Sysinternals tools that have been updated to run inside NanoServer on Windows Server 2016. You can also try them out now by creating a NanoServer Hyper-V Vm in server 2016tp5.

There is also a new DefragTools episode #164 on Channel 9 available to watch: titled Sysinternals for Nano Server – Mark Russonovich.

Mark said that most of the work was creating command line versions that work remotely in PowerShell without spitting out unnecessary red error messages, and some code refactoring to work with the NanoServer apis was necessary. NanoServer actually prefers the new Windows Server Applications or WSA type apps.

You can download the new NanoServer Sysinternals tools from the sysinternals website here: find sysinternals for nanoserver on this page

Microsoft releases Build 14376 to Fast Ring and 14372 to slow ring

So Microsoft has finally begun to start releasing builds at a much faster speed this week. If you are on the fast ring you can now download Build 14376. If you are staying on the Slow ring you can get Build 14372, and if you want to download an ISO you are able to go to insiders.windows.com and download the 14366 build, and you can get the Enterprise version, Education version, or the regular version which will install the Pro version if you are already running the Pro version, or the Core version if you are not running the Pro version. The Isos of build 14372 will most likely be available soon.

Last Pass Extension For Edge is now requiring Build 14359, not 14352!

So I read that the lastpass extension for Microsoft’s Edge browser was finally available, but once I finally downloaded the latest build as of today Friday May 27, 2016 and went to the store to download it, I was met with the following screen.

LastPass Edge extension not available anymore

LastPass Edge extension will not download in build 14352!

I tried to download it but it looks like Microsoft changed something and is no longer allowing users on build 14352 to download this anymore. I did read some complaints on the web that it wasn’t working good, but we already know it’s a beta, so that’s fine. Now I have to wait for another build to be able to download and use the new LastPass Edge Extension, which is the main extension that I needed to use to be able to use Edge efficiently.

UPDATE: Lastpass Edge extension is now working with build 14361.

Windows Server 2016 TP 5 leaks out as a torrent. heres the product keys

It is confusing why this technical preview has not been released to the public yet, since it is version 14291, and the windows 10 technical preview build is already 14316, but I’m guessing that maybe they are going to release technical preview 5 as a later build, hopefully one that is more similar to the latest windows 10 preview build. It is very strange that it wasn’t released to the public, because at build, there were some sessions that mentioned Server technical preview 5 and said it was going to be released soon, but it’s been almost a month and still nothing. However, since the torrents are available to download I tried it out, and if you install it over technical preview 4, it’s going to ask for a product key, (if you clean install, it lets you skip this by selecting I do not have a product key). The product keys accepted are the same as the technical preview 4 release, and I will list them below:
Server 2016 Datacenter TP5 Key: 2KNJJ-33Y9H-2GXGX-KMQWH-G6H67
Server 2016 Essentials TP5 Key: FVPY2-6KNF7-8CKF8-YHJDY-BBDJ8

Should we let the FBI access our encrypted data?

The strong encryption debate… I have been researching FBI Director James Comey’s “Conversations” with the House of Representatives and with U.S. Senators, as well as anything having to do with the subject for the past 6 months or so. This has been taking up most of my time, as I am using the research for several courses in my last semester at W.G.U. My first research paper is for my English course and it just needs to be about 10-15 pages, however it has been taking me a long time since I keep finding more sources, and I am just about done with my annotated bibliography. This bibliography needs to have 10 sources cited using A.P.A formatting, along with a summary, Source Credibility, and Source Relevance for each source. This ‘annotated bibliography’ is almost 10 pages long itself, and I am looking into cutting it shorter to save some of this information for the actual paper.

Anyway, my thesis is similar to the following…
The United States government should not implement legislation to require device manufacturers and internet communications firms to put backdoors into their devices for law enforcement to be able to access users' encrypted data because this would only hurt United States companies since users wanting encryption would simply use services and devices from outside the United States and further complicating encryption with mandated exceptional access will only cause already complicated software to become more complicated and therefore will lead to more vulnerabilities. Backing up my argument I use the relatively small amount of available credible sources on this subject. I have had to use Hearings on C-Span and magazine articles since I have only found about 5 scholarly journals on the subject (available without paying a fee online).

Now of course, anyone who really understands encryption knows that only the sender and the receiver should be able to know what is in the message. However, this has actually become rare, as cloud services often keep a key that they use to be able to get into your data if they are presented with a court order. For example, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive all tell you that your data is encrypted, but that doesn’t mean that the provider cannot find out what you are storing, as long as you don’t pre-encrypt what you upload to the cloud, they have to be able to show you your data, like when you use a browser to access your cloud storage. This means that if the government goes to Google and gives them your email address, they can access your cloud drive data and give it to law enforcement. There are solutions that allow you to pre-encrypt your data before you send it up there (into the cloud storage) but what then happens is that if you use the providers methods of accessing the data, it will then be encrypted and unreadable until you use your encryption solution to enter the key and then be able to read your data again.

New York and California are attempting to pass legislation that will require device manufacturers to be able to decrypt any devices sold in those states, however, it is easy enough to purchase a mobile phone from anywhere in the world on the internet, so I don’t see how this is going to affect terrorists or criminals, who will most likely just purchase phones from elsewhere if this becomes law. If you want to read my paper you can download it from the following link, just click below and save it to your computer.
Encryption: Decriminalizing Necessary Security – DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.4874.0888

Try the new Amazon Kindle Unlimited for free for 7 days, then 30 more

I just received Kindle Unlimited 7 day trial and they are letting me read any books I want for 7 days, well that’s not long enough to even read one book when you are doing a million other things, but its nice to be able to read anything you ever wanted to check out for free, even if its only for a week, UPDATE: After you finish your 7 days, Amazon will shoot you an email to extend the trial for another 30 days, then you have to click the link in the email, sign back into Amazon, and then….

Well, that’s where it gets tricky, I was on my phone this morning and I did what the email said, only to then log in and be on a screen that said, CONTINUE YOUR AMAZON UNLIMITED Subscription… so I’m gonna do some more hunting around to figure out how to extend the trial for 30 days more, but I wanted to update this post, so the 7 day trial won’t discourage anyone from giving it a shot.

Click the following link to check out the kindle store, you may have to do a little digging to get the free trial but it is available if you never used it before.
Shop Amazon – Kindle Book Deals