Mark Russonovich demonstration of Stuxnet, Flame, & more.

In between troubleshooting Windows Server 2008 SysVol Replication errors this week, I remember wanting to mention Mark Russonovich’s videos on Technet from when he demonstrated Stuxnet and Flame in Virtual Machines last year. I think I forgot to post the link so here it is, it was pretty entertaining. You can watch the video from June 11,2012 at TechEd here:

I solved a pretty annoying problem today when I finally found the solution to my SYSVOL replication error on a 2008 Server Domain Controller that was being improperly labeled with a \?C:WindowsSysVolSysvolDomainname.
The solution was simple but took me awhile to find it. All you have to do is go into ADSIEdit on the 2008 Domain Controller and maneuver to the msDFSR root path then edit the path that has the question mark and delete the first three characters. For the exact steps just check out the link at the end… Here is one of the technet articles that helped me get to the bottom of this.

Here is a link to the workaround which enables you to remove the bloody questionmark that was causing me grief.

Anderson Cooper Near Miss in Gaza

Bomb explodes near Anderson Cooper during live broadcast from Gaza (via Raw Story )

Covering the Israeli Palestinian conflict from the Gaza Strip, Anderson Cooper had a frightening moment when a bomb exploded in his vicinity during a live report. Cooper was giving an update on the shelling that has rocked Gaza for the past several days when an orange flash flared up on screen behind…

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Add Any Site to IE 10 Flash Player Whitelist in Windows 8!

I just found this hack from Marvin_S over on XDA-Developers, and wanted to share it. I like hacks that allow you to do things that the Operating System is not supposed to allow. This caught me by surprise, because I have been completely avoiding using IE 10 in Windows 8 because it seems like it limits your ability to use browser add-ons affectively and to view many websites that use Flash but are not on Microsoft’s WhiteList. Here is what you do to add your site to the list.

1. Launch Internet Explorer 10 on the Desktop in Windows 8, (not the full-screen version) you can do this by clicking on the wrench icon in the fullscreen version of Internet Explorer 10 and then clicking on “View on the desktop”.
2. Now you need to get to the Compatibility View Settings, From Internet Explorer 10 Desktop, press the “ALT” key to show Menu bar. From there, go to Tools > Compatibility View Settings.
IE 10 Compatibility View Settings

3. In the Popup Compatibility View Box, uncheck “Download updated compatibility lists from Microsoft”

4. Now, go back to your Desktop. Launch File Explorer and navigate to:

C:UsersAppDataLocalMicrosoftInternet ExplorerIECompatData

Right click on “iecompatdata.xml”, select Open with, and choose Notepad.
How to locate IECompatData file to open in Notepad

5.In Notepad, press CTRL + F and search for “”.

Now, right above “”, you can add your favorite Flash-enabled website by adding:

WEBSITE GOES HERE You can see the WhiteList here also, and add all of your favorite sites!

IE 10s Whitelist Location File

6. Press CTRL + S to save the file.

7. Go back to the Modern Internet Explorer 10 in Start Screen. Press Win + I, go to Internet Options and click “Delete” under “Delete Browsing History”.

How to Delete the Browsing history

Now you can reopen Internet Explorer and you should be able to get Flash content to play on the websites that you added to the iecompatdata.xml.

thanks to Marvin S at XDA-Developers as well as Addictive Tips for showing me this Awesome Hack.