Information Technology and Security News for the months of June and July.

Because I have been very busy with school, I have kind of slacked off with posting to the blog. It is also summer and the temperature has been over 80 for awhile, so I spend more time away from the computer. In order to continue to offer a site with tips and tricks for IT pros and tech enthusiasts, I am working on a new CMS I will begin with a quick update of what has been going on in the world in June and July 2013.

June 2013 has brought us Edward Snowden, a former NSA employee who has decided to risk his life and freedom to come forward and tell the world that the United States is capturing data from just outside Google and Microsoft and Facebook’s datacenters and is in his words spying on American citizens and also everybody around the world that uses the internet. I am not going to blog about this anymore, you be your own judge if you think this is okay, I do not want to begin blogging about political events at this time. Instead I want to talk about what has happened in Redmond over the past few weeks, as Microsoft released a preview build of Server 2012 R2, SystemCenter 2012 R2, SQL Server 2014 CTP, Visual Studio 2013 preview, and of course WIndows 8.1 preview finally is out there for the public. It is really amazing how Microsoft has coordinated all of these releases for the same day and is offering a free preview version of almost all of their many Major software applications.

However after Microsoft’s Build 2013, there was some bad news from Microsoft, as they are ending technet subscriptions on August 31,2013. Technet subscriptions allow tech savvy i.t. enthusiasts to get access to most Microsoft software for $199 a year. You are allowed to buy a new subscription only until August 31, 2013 and one year after that August 31, 2014, all current tech net subscriptions will be null and void. This really is a blow to the tech enthusiast community, as it is going to cost a lot more money after this point to continue running Microsoft Lab environments for longer than the Evaluation periods of the software. I currently use my Dreamspark subscription to give me access to Microsoft Servers and Operating Systems, but once I finish college, it is going to get a whole lot more expensive to continue testing and working with Microsoft Operating Systems and Servers. The cost of System Center, Server 2012, and SQL Server licensing is not cheap and especially in lab environments where you are just trying to learn to use the software the Technet subscription was always the best way to get to know Microsoft’s products. Microsoft still is going to be offering a more expensive MSDN subscription which does not offer all the same software for the lowest priced deal at $699 a year. (There is also BIZSPARK for startups which enables companies just starting out to use Microsoft software for the first three years of a company’s existence.

I am currently working on application virtualization (App-V) packaging and deployment with Configuration Manager. I also am testing Windows Server 2012 R2 as well as System Center 2012 R2. In the coming months, I will devote some time to publishing some articles documenting Applcation Virtualization (App-V) and my experience moving from VMware virtualization solutions to a complete Hyper-V infrastructure. I have had success moving my VMware Virtual machines to Hyper-V using Starwinds software’s V2V Image Converter, and I also will be experimenting with ISCSI in the near future. Stay tuned.