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If you missed the DesiredStateConfiguration Courses on Microsoft Virtual Academy, then you most likely haven’t been introduced to the new POWERSHELL GALLERY…. This was another great Powershell MVA Course hosted by the man behind PowerShell Jeffrey Snover and his hilarious bald sidekick Jason Helmick. Talk about entertainment, Go check it out, there’s two courses. There is also two modules that you can download from the Powershell Gallery that contain all the slides and scripts from the 2 days of fun. The first day was the Beginning Desired State Configuration course which corresponds to the MVA_DSC_2015_Day1 module in the Powershell Gallery.

The first course from Day 1 can be found in the Microsoft Virtual Academy and is called Getting Started with Powershell Desired State Configuration. I am currently watching the 4th module – Deploying Configurations Using a Pull Server (The New Way). Desired State Configuration is something that I am really looking forward to working with in production, and it requires your servers to be running at least Windows Server 2012. I just finished the 6th module which taught how to securely enter encrypted credentials into the DSC mof files using PKI certificates. There are 16 dsc resources built into Windows Server 2012 r2, but now the Powershell Gallery has many more resources that were added by the Powershell Community. The last module of day 1 shows how to use Desired State Configuration to configure Linux servers.

Day 2 was the second part of the course … “Advanced Powershell Desired State Configuration.” I will continue blogging about Day 2 after I complete the course.