Windows Server 2016 Finally Available. Here’s the links to evaluate it:

Windows Server 2016 Evaluate Windows Server 2016” Evaluation Version of Windows Server 2016 and Nano Server VHD

After downloading Windows Server 2016, which is build number 14393.0.160715.1616.RS1-Release (Redstone 1 Release), you can download an 18 page PDF guide called “The Ultimate Guide to Windows Server 2016”

Microsoft Ignite is underway in Atlanta Georgia, and you can watch the keynotes and sessions all week at the website which is sure to have some interesting sessions all week long from September 26-September 30.

Bittorrent Sync changes name to Resilio Sync. What’s the deal?

It looks like Bittorrent Sync has been deprecated (basically the name) and its developers have left the Bittorrent name to form a company named Resilio. Well, at least that’s what Bittorrent Sync is saying. They claim that the application Bit Torrent Sync is no longer being maintained or updated. The new application is now called Resilio Sync, and when you update it you see the following: resiliosync

I’ve been using Bittorrent Sync for a few years to basically keep a backup cloned copy of important folders on two of my laptops. It works great