Got my Degree!

Finally finished up at college yesterday, which is a relief.  Now I will have time to work on other projects and write more on this blog.  I decided that I am going to spend a lot of time on System Center 2016 and Windows Server 2016, as I am in the process of architecting a bunch of cloud networks for clients.  The degree i received was the Bachelors of Science in Information Technology with specialization in Network Administration. For anyone else who is considering going to Western Governors University, I will tell you to do it, but it is not going to be easy!  Thanks for your support.  I will be back with news and tips today or tomorrow!Install-SCCMPreRequisites.ps1-Script

Real journalists should REPORT, not attempt to persuade…

What just happened in America should be enough to wake up any educated journalist to the errors of their ways. However, it does not look like they have gotten the picture yet. I have always believed that News should be just that, News, but articles from news publications such as Washington Post, New York Times, MSNBC, CNN, and especially Huffington Post continue to insert unnecessary, slanted, loaded, commentary into practically every article that you read online today. These “journalists” still feel that they must persuade their readers, and they must think the majority of their readers are stupid, anyone who has a shred of ethics inside them knows that this is just plain wrong. For example, one can just look at today’s headlines from each of these news sources and see through their agendas.

This not only is obvious in reporting about politics, but it comes across in all forms of media today. When I read these articles that mention Donald Trump, and the writer feels the need to insert adjectives like Xenophobic, or racist, or they feel the need to talk about some stupid thing he did years ago, it makes me sad. It has gotten to the point where you can tell easily the beliefs of the journalist that is writing these articles, as well as what publication they are writing for, who their boss is, and the political views of the elites paying their salary. It is sickening, and one could only hope that this failure that they are experiencing right now will make them stop and think before continuing on this path of slanted attempted persuasive reporting. Facts do not need persuasion, if you would just simply report on facts, instead of dwelling on opinions, you may have a chance of surviving in the near future of New Media. Just because you feel a certain way, does not mean that your readers should be pushed to feel that way as well.

Most importantly, stop talking about all the negative things that Donald Trump may have said or done in the past, when you are trying to write about what he has done or said today. Any time I read something new that inserts these old memes and talking points that the mainstream liberal media has been trying to unsuccessfully stuff down their readers’ throats for the past 18 months, I stop reading and immediately tell myself that I will not give that writer another chance. Enough is enough, the people have spoken, if you continue to move in the disgusting direction that the mainstream elite liberal media has been going, you will all be extinct, thankfully.

Liberal media has created a vacuum for all forms of alternative media and they are losing the war. Anyone with half a brain that sees this and wants to think for themselves is not going to subscribe to your liberal propaganda anymore. People want the truth, and it is too easy to get it now on YouTube, Facebook, and from the alternative media outlets that have helped elect Donald Trump. And I am Not a Republican, I believe in Democratic values, was extremely hopeful of someone like Bernie Sanders, but the Democratic National Committee chose to continue playing dirty, to push their people away from Bernie towards Hillary, and then they cheated in the debates, and never talked about their policies or plans, they just kept bashing Donald Trump.

Look how well that worked out for them. Nobody wants to have Russia as an enemy, if Hillary won, this cold relationship with Russia would have continued. Our country has been moving in a dangerous direction lately, and thank god, now Benjamin Netanyahu and Putin are overjoyed that Trump won, because they both have stated that they now hope we can repair our relationships now that Trump has been chosen.