Always install SQL Server Logs on separate hard drive, Not on C drive.

When installing Configuration Manager, the most important tip I could give would be to make sure you install the SQL Server logs on a different drive than the database files. You really should install the SQL Server database Data files on D drive, the Logs on E drive. and then put SQL Backups on F drive. If this is not done, there may be several problems that will occur in Configuration Manager. For example, a common error is Management Point is not responding to HTTP requests. This error will manifest itself all the time if your SQL Server data and Logs are on the same drive. Another problem that I have seen on servers with SQL Server Data files and Logs on same drive is the Application Catalog will not function correctly. If you install SQL Server correctly, and do not install database files, SQL logs, or SQL backup on the C (system Drive), then there is a good chance that Configuration Manager will run successfully in the green for months. This tip is from personal experiences.

Got my Degree!

Finally finished up at college yesterday, which is a relief.  Now I will have time to work on other projects and write more on this blog.  I decided that I am going to spend a lot of time on System Center 2016 and Windows Server 2016, as I am in the process of architecting a bunch of cloud networks for clients.  The degree i received was the Bachelors of Science in Information Technology with specialization in Network Administration. For anyone else who is considering going to Western Governors University, I will tell you to do it, but it is not going to be easy!  Thanks for your support.  I will be back with news and tips today or tomorrow!Install-SCCMPreRequisites.ps1-Script

Real journalists should REPORT, not attempt to persuade…

What just happened in America should be enough to wake up any educated journalist to the errors of their ways. However, it does not look like they have gotten the picture yet. I have always believed that News should be just that, News, but articles from news publications such as Washington Post, New York Times, MSNBC, CNN, and especially Huffington Post continue to insert unnecessary, slanted, loaded, commentary into practically every article that you read online today. These “journalists” still feel that they must persuade their readers, and they must think the majority of their readers are stupid, anyone who has a shred of ethics inside them knows that this is just plain wrong. For example, one can just look at today’s headlines from each of these news sources and see through their agendas.

This not only is obvious in reporting about politics, but it comes across in all forms of media today. When I read these articles that mention Donald Trump, and the writer feels the need to insert adjectives like Xenophobic, or racist, or they feel the need to talk about some stupid thing he did years ago, it makes me sad. It has gotten to the point where you can tell easily the beliefs of the journalist that is writing these articles, as well as what publication they are writing for, who their boss is, and the political views of the elites paying their salary. It is sickening, and one could only hope that this failure that they are experiencing right now will make them stop and think before continuing on this path of slanted attempted persuasive reporting. Facts do not need persuasion, if you would just simply report on facts, instead of dwelling on opinions, you may have a chance of surviving in the near future of New Media. Just because you feel a certain way, does not mean that your readers should be pushed to feel that way as well.

Most importantly, stop talking about all the negative things that Donald Trump may have said or done in the past, when you are trying to write about what he has done or said today. Any time I read something new that inserts these old memes and talking points that the mainstream liberal media has been trying to unsuccessfully stuff down their readers’ throats for the past 18 months, I stop reading and immediately tell myself that I will not give that writer another chance. Enough is enough, the people have spoken, if you continue to move in the disgusting direction that the mainstream elite liberal media has been going, you will all be extinct, thankfully.

Liberal media has created a vacuum for all forms of alternative media and they are losing the war. Anyone with half a brain that sees this and wants to think for themselves is not going to subscribe to your liberal propaganda anymore. People want the truth, and it is too easy to get it now on YouTube, Facebook, and from the alternative media outlets that have helped elect Donald Trump. And I am Not a Republican, I believe in Democratic values, was extremely hopeful of someone like Bernie Sanders, but the Democratic National Committee chose to continue playing dirty, to push their people away from Bernie towards Hillary, and then they cheated in the debates, and never talked about their policies or plans, they just kept bashing Donald Trump.

Look how well that worked out for them. Nobody wants to have Russia as an enemy, if Hillary won, this cold relationship with Russia would have continued. Our country has been moving in a dangerous direction lately, and thank god, now Benjamin Netanyahu and Putin are overjoyed that Trump won, because they both have stated that they now hope we can repair our relationships now that Trump has been chosen.

Windows Server 2016 TP 5 leaks out as a torrent. heres the product keys

It is confusing why this technical preview has not been released to the public yet, since it is version 14291, and the windows 10 technical preview build is already 14316, but I’m guessing that maybe they are going to release technical preview 5 as a later build, hopefully one that is more similar to the latest windows 10 preview build. It is very strange that it wasn’t released to the public, because at build, there were some sessions that mentioned Server technical preview 5 and said it was going to be released soon, but it’s been almost a month and still nothing. However, since the torrents are available to download I tried it out, and if you install it over technical preview 4, it’s going to ask for a product key, (if you clean install, it lets you skip this by selecting I do not have a product key). The product keys accepted are the same as the technical preview 4 release, and I will list them below:
Server 2016 Datacenter TP5 Key: 2KNJJ-33Y9H-2GXGX-KMQWH-G6H67
Server 2016 Essentials TP5 Key: FVPY2-6KNF7-8CKF8-YHJDY-BBDJ8

System Center Configuration Manager Technical Preview 4 Available Now

System Center Configuration Manger

You can download the latest preview of System Center Configuration Manager and Endpoint Protection now from the Technet Evaluation Center. I have not seen any posts or documentation detailing anything specific to the 4th preview, so it must have just been released. Hopefully they have fixed a bug that I have found in the 3rd T.P. where the application catalog and the application catalog web service roles will not install because of a IIS version check error. I have been getting the error that IIS version 7 or above must be installed, however version 10 is installed along with all of the required prerequisites, so I am about to install it and check what has changed in this new preview version.

As with the other technical preview versions of configuration manager, this preview is also only good for 60 days, and upgrades are not supported, (which is annoying if you have been using the 3rd technical preview. I am going to have to uninstall the TP 3 before installing the 4th Technical preview.

Detecting WinShellEventLogging malicious tasks with Pooface, Spdc32.exe, and CBInt.exe Malware

There is this annoying malware that I found on a bunch of computers that seemed to be just downloading adware and several malicious programs. Most of the files were not recognized or cleaned automatically by Microsoft Windows Defender. I first noticed this malware when looking in Task Manager and seeing a few executables running that did not belong. There was spdc32.exe, SBCint.exe, and Pooface.exe. Upon killing these processes, and hunting for the source of these files, it seemed to start in the Windows\Temp folder. However, this most likely was related to two Task Scheduler tasks that were found in all of the infected computers. These tasks were called WIN Shell EventLogging and WIN Shell EVENT NOTIFICATION. If you have these tasks in your task scheduler, disable them immediately and then delete them, all that they do is download more spyware/adware/malware secretly into your temp folders.

If you look in task manager or Process Explorer and see spdc32.exe, or SBCint.exe, or pooface.exe, or if you see any folders in the Windows\TEMP directory that look like these pictures, there’s a good chance that you also may have this CRAPware lurking somewhere. The most interesting thing about this set of malware files is that it spread around the network and was only affecting the WIndows Server 2012R2, or WIndows 10 technical previews. It did not seem to infect windows 7 desktops or Windows 8.1 either. The source of this malware is still being investigated, but I have a feeling it may have been introduced with a torrent ISO download of one of the earlier WIndows 10 Technical preview builds, as this is where it seemed to originate. The good news is that after simply deleting all of these found executables and tasks, the computers seem to be clean, and we are looking at them very thoroughly. However before deleting these files, I took hashes of them and added Software Restriction Policies forbidding running any of these executables on all of the machines in this network. AppLocker has also been introduced however, we are still running in audit mode at this time. If you have any questions about this malware please contact me because I could not finish the article as I am now in the hospital for almost 2 months. poofaceEXEfileLocationblowfishDLLsLocation is the new home of the new Powershell Goodness

If you missed the DesiredStateConfiguration Courses on Microsoft Virtual Academy, then you most likely haven’t been introduced to the new POWERSHELL GALLERY…. This was another great Powershell MVA Course hosted by the man behind PowerShell Jeffrey Snover and his hilarious bald sidekick Jason Helmick. Talk about entertainment, Go check it out, there’s two courses. There is also two modules that you can download from the Powershell Gallery that contain all the slides and scripts from the 2 days of fun. The first day was the Beginning Desired State Configuration course which corresponds to the MVA_DSC_2015_Day1 module in the Powershell Gallery.

The first course from Day 1 can be found in the Microsoft Virtual Academy and is called Getting Started with Powershell Desired State Configuration. I am currently watching the 4th module – Deploying Configurations Using a Pull Server (The New Way). Desired State Configuration is something that I am really looking forward to working with in production, and it requires your servers to be running at least Windows Server 2012. I just finished the 6th module which taught how to securely enter encrypted credentials into the DSC mof files using PKI certificates. There are 16 dsc resources built into Windows Server 2012 r2, but now the Powershell Gallery has many more resources that were added by the Powershell Community. The last module of day 1 shows how to use Desired State Configuration to configure Linux servers.

Day 2 was the second part of the course … “Advanced Powershell Desired State Configuration.” I will continue blogging about Day 2 after I complete the course.

New cheap Windows Laptops are Available for less than $300

JG Network Security Profile Pic in Paris
If the ASUS is too expensive for your tastes, then check out the HP Stream 11 below which is only $199.99.

It’s about time that there are some supercheap Windows 8 laptops and tablets available. I couldn’t imagine wanting an IPAD when you can get a fully customizable Windows 8 laptop that runs desktop apps for less. I’ve been trying to convince my dad to get a new laptop for awhile since his desktop at home is still running Windows XP (only has 512mb RAM).

The HP Stream 7 inch Windows 8.1 Tablet is only $79, how could you not try this out instead of spending hundreds on an ipad?>

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