Disabling the windows firewall will block inbound Remote Desktop connections

WindowsPlatform_120If you disable the Windows Firewall, you will no longer be able to remote desktop into the machine, you will not see the machine on your network, and you will really not be able to do anything with it. It does no good, from a management perspective to disable the windows firewall. Try it and see. Disable the windows firewall and then try to connect to that host with Remote Desktop, (mstsc.exe). It will not work, it will even show the error that says that Remote desktop is not enabled, even though it is. As soon as you start the windows firewall service with an exception for port 3389, the rdp session will commence. You wont be able to ping the server either, the point is, DO not disable the windows firewall, unless you feel like troubleshooting network connections for awhile. Just leave the firewall enabled and configure the rules. I Never disable the windows firewall no matter what.